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Some books by Richard Murphy OBE, BA (Hons), Dip Arch, RIBA, FRIAS, RSA, FRSA, FRSE, MRIAI

Carlo Scarpa and Castelvecchio Revisited (English Language Edition)

"Such an intense and sustained investigation of one building and one architect by another is rare: Murphy’s dedication to Scarpa and the Castelvecchio is absorbingly interesting. This is a search for the absolute essence of architecture, conducted with exemplary scholarship and lifelong enthusiasm." Hugh Pearman, Editor, RIBA Journal.

ISBN: 9781 5272 08902

Rivisitando Carlo Scarpa e Castelvecchio (Edizione in lingua Italiana)

La data di pubblicazione è il 24 maggio 2024.

"Una ricerca così intensa e prolungata concentrata su un solo edificio e di un architetto da parte di un altro è rara: la dedizione di Murphy a Scarpa e a Castelvecchio è profondamente avvincente. Questa è una ricerca dell’essenza assoluta dell’architettura, condotta con esemplare competenza ed entusiasmo perpetuo." Hugh Pearman, Editor, RIBA Journal.

ISBN: 9781 5272 80212

Ten Houses

"Richard Murphy is an extremely accomplished magician as well as a multi award-winning architect. He is a wizard at making the most of a small site, and then by the crafty use of unseen mirrors he creates views that greatly expand it and introduce unexpected light and perspectives. His houses range from the small but richly tailored in tight urban locations, to much larger homes on open sites such as an airfield or empty coast." Robin Webster OBE RSA PPRIAS RIBA, Professor Emeritus, Robert Gordon University Aberdeen

ISBN: 9781 3999 74233